Happy New Year – and Happy Easter

I want to wish all of my friends, family and colleagues, and very Happy New Year.

But I better wish you a Happy Easter too.  I was just in a big box store, and here, just two days after Christmas, they had put out the Easter Peeps and Easter eggs. Right next to the Valentine’s Day boxes of candy.  And it wasn’t even New Year’s Day yet.  It wasn’t even 2017.

Now, as a Boston and Dedham marketing consultant, I get it.  I understand retailing.  And as a former Editor of Robb Report Magazine, and a  bestselling travel writer, I totally understand that there are six-month lead times in the worlds of media and merchandising.

Notwithstanding, for me, it upsets all my balance and harmony and zen, when after celebrating Christmas and gift-giving, stores are already confronting me with Easter and the Easter bunny just a few days after December 25th.  My husband Bill and I constantly lament the relentless merchandising of our society.  To buy, buy, buy.  That it’s never too early to “plant the seed” to get us to buy more, more, more and consume more, more, more. It’s irritating and annoying. I just hate this part of retail marketing.

But I’m waiting until April before I start making Easter baskets.

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