I routinely do hair salon marketing, as well as plastic surgery marketing and skincare salon marketing. Today’s tip? Do something quirky for your marketing. It reminds me of one of the most effective press releases I ever wrote for a client, the SAFAR hair salon on Newbury Street. The owner, Serge Safar, told me one day that if you’re a brunette who doesn’t like your reddish highlights, just brew a cup of coffee and rinse it in your hair, to get rid of the red. Voila! Faster than you can say “Folger’s,” I bought microwaveable coffee packets. Then I typed out special labels that said, “Perk up your hair with coffee” and affixed these labels to the coffee packets. Then I crafted a press release about this technique, and its headline was, “Perk up your hair with coffee.” I sent everything out to the media. Within just one week, I got a phone call from Allure Magazine in New York, and they wrote a feature about my client. The moral of the story? Always be on the alert about something offbeat in your business. This is a very effective example of hair salon marketing.For more information, visit my website at

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