Give Away Freebies Like Vistaprint

I’m a marketing and public relations expert, and I’ve seen more than my share of good and bad marketing. Here’s something worth paying attention to. Today’s marketing tip is this – give away as many freebies as you can. Giving away free products – everything from tote bags to stationery to business cards — has been the secret to the amazing success behind Vistaprint, the printing company headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts. Each free business card that Vistaprint gives away simply says, on the back “Business cards are FREE at” Bridget O’Brien, vice president of marketing communications and content, says that at least 5 Billion people have seen the back of these free business cards, and that they’ve been a tremendous hit. Ms. O”Brien told me that Vistaprint has such confidence in its abilities that they know you will come back and spend – but not overspend. By using the power of Vistaprint and its free products, even the smallest entrepreneur can look like a Fortune 500 company. By using Vistaprint, you basically have your own promotional-products company at your service, and you can order a minimum of just one product! To promote my new bestselling book, THE GLOBETROTTER’S GET-GORGEOUS GUIDE, I used Vistaprint to order, for FREE, a wealth of beautiful products including personalized T-shirts, tote bags, notecards, stationery, postcards and more. This low-cost marketing technique is as good as it gets!

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