It always pays to market yourself, and to take your cue from big business and what they’re doing. Big business typically performs marketing strategies that get results. The L.L. Bean company based in Freeport Maine, recently spent more than $200,000 to demonstrate that they were offering FREE shipping. They wrapped 10 MBTA buses in Boston, to resemble mail-order packages, and gave free rides to the public during one specific week. OK – so you don’t have half-a million dollars. Look to your local community for ways to put your business on the map. If you’re a plastic surgeon, You could give a $200 scholarship to the local high school or college, to the best student in art or design. If you’re looking for a job, why not set up a booth at the local church fair and create your own mini trade show all about you? A hair salon could offer free services to the community college, for its video or stage productions. Marketing is all about getting noticed and sometimes the more unusual, the better. As a Boston-based marketing expert for all kinds of businesses, including hair salons, plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists, I can tell you — marketing works.For more information, visit my website at

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