Get Creative With Your Editorial Calendar

Here’s today’s marketing tip. Every marketer knows that magazines and newspapers have an editorial calendar listing their timely stories. What’s new is that now, companies such as Weight Watchers, Mercedes-Benz and Nestle’s Purina are borrowing from the world of publishing, and creating their own editorial calendars, to determine where and how they distribute content in social media. For example, the Mercedes-Benz calendar has three sections. One is related to car launch dates, innovations, safety and design; another that shows dates of all of its various events, and a third that showcases important dates in Mercedes-Benz’s history. This way, companies such as Mercedes-Benz can keep their fan base – and their Facebook fans – fully engaged and informed. For the small business person, it means that you, too should organize your information into seasonal and monthly calendars where you can divulge your information to new and prospective customers. This is a no-cost, low-cost marketing strategy that only requires creativity, not cash. Don’t miss out on opportunities to engage with consumers about limited-time sales, new products, and news about your company! I say this as a Boston-based marketing and public relations consultant. Contact me at Maxima Marketing at (781) 407-9305 for a free consultation by visiting my website.

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