I love to give everyone great marketing tips. After all, I’m a marketing expert and the author of the bestselling book, Off The Wall Marketring Ideas. Today’s tip is to give out free samples. There may be no better way to test product appeal, and earn consumer goodwill, than giving out free samples. Everyone loves freebies! And now the United States Postal Service has made it easier than ever to deliver your samples, in specially marked boxes featuring bright colors. This is their latest marketing strategy to reinvigorate itself, especially as the United States Postal Service has seen sales slide as people pay bills online rather than buy stamps. The Sample Showcase features product samples and other promotional items arranged by value tier and category so that competitive items are not contained in the same shipment. Not only is sampling via postal mail targetable and cost-effective, but the results are measureable, and products reach consumers nationwide. Interested? Send an email with your contact info and business description to Someone will get back in touch with you. And if you need marketing, public relations, or a marketing copywriter, call a crackerjack — that’s me — at (781) 407-9305, which is the phone number for my business, Maxima Marketing.

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