Today’s marketing tip? Employ good taste in your marketing. I know, sensationalism sells, but is that what you want to be known for? Here’s a recent examples of food marketing gone bad. The Denny’s chain of restaurants recently introduced – are you sitting down?? – an ice cream sundae topped with maple syrup and hickory-smoked bacon. Bacon. The ingredient you put into a BLT. It’s a pity, I believe, when this country is experiencing an obesity epidemic, that food marketers introduce such atrocitires. But wait. It gets worse. An ice cream store in Great Britain has introduced Baby Gaga, which is ice cream made from breast milk. It sells out at $22.50. This is an abomination by food marketers. It is inconceivable that a food company now pays for breast milk for their ice creams, instead of this milk donated to milk banks to help critically ill babies. I’m sorry to say that such sensationalism sells, and yes, here I am talking about it – but remember, the best marketing uses good taste. I’m a marketing consultant to skincare salons, hair salons, plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists, but I know a horrible food marketing idea when I see it. For more information, visit my website at

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