Fairmont’s Lifestyle Cuisine is Smart Marketing

I’m a food-lover.  Yet, because I’m always watching my weight and trying to eat healthy, I am constantly giving up the things I crave (well, almost).   I always desire all kinds of delicious goodies – who doesn’t?  Such as Nutella.  Or Muesli. Or cheese omelets. Or ravioli filled with wild mushrooms.  I could go on and on.

That’s why, as a hospitality marketing expert,  and a food marketing expert, I’m thrilled – yes, THRILLED – with the incredible Lifestyle Cuisine that is offered by Fairmont hotels and resorts around the world.  In all of my travels, over the past 25 years, I would be hard-pressed to find another hotel brand that offers such a terrific array of cuisines that are Heart-Healthy, Sugar-Balanced, Vegan, and even Raw and Macrobiotic. If you care about your weight, health and well-being – especially when you travel – check out Fairmont and take advantage of its  brand-wide healthy initiatives. You’ll be amazed.

For example, when my husband Bill and I stay at the luxurious Fairmont Kea Lani on Maui, we always take advantage of their delicious breakfast buffet.  One big reason is that I can request a made-to-order, butter-free, dry two-egg omelet made with just one ounce of cheese.  It’s absolutely delicious, and I don’t have to feel guilty. And it’s easy to fill my plate with fresh fruits that are filled with fiber and vitamins. I might even have one of the buffet’s  small bran muffins or an English muffin.

But guess what.  On the breakfast menu are other unbelievable tasty goodies. Heart-healthy entrees include delicious Bircher Muesli; tropical granola made with yogurt and lavender-honey; and wholegrain pancakes.  Dee-lish.

Watching your sugar intake? Have the toasted macadamia-nut waffles or the mushroom omelet.

Vegan? Try the tofu scramble with upcountry vegetables or the banana French toast.

No matter what you order or what your diet is, Fairmont promises that your special dietary needs will be met, and that your dish will be both flavorful and elegantly presented.

This is excellent, excellent marketing, and a welcome addition to the travel world. Fairmont is to be applauded for its Lifestyle Cuisine. It will help you make smarter nutritional choices including those that are low-carb, lowfat, Mediterranean and vegetarian.

There’s even a special Lifestyle Cuisine PLUS, which is designed to cater to people with diabetes, heart disease, celiac disease or food allergies. It’s impressive – especially since the USA is in the midst of an obesity epidemic.

Other wellness initiatives that Fairmont offers include Fairmont Fit athletic gear delivered to your guest room; Fairmont wellness teas at your room’s coffee station; ionizers placed in your guest room upon request; and signature pillow menus as well as hypoallergenic pillows and duvets.

These are all hotel marketing ideas that make taste, not waist.

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