I routinely handle and mastermind hair salon marketing, plastic surgery marketing, and skincare salon marketing. Today’s tip? Create a special event that showcases your business. Years ago I had a hair salon client that was struggling to market itself. I thought long and hard about how I could assist this hair salon, while realizing that everyone has bad hair days. So, as a result, I created a special event called GOOD HAIR DAY IN MASSACHUSETTS. We chose a day in the spring to hold this event, as women typically gear up for a new hairdo in warmer weather. At the event, we took Before and After photos and gave them to the customers as gifts. They also received discounts on services, and goodie bags filled with free products. I also bought chocolate bars, and had special labels made for them, which said, HOW SWEET IT IS TO CELEBRATE GOOD HAIR DAY IN MASSACHUSETTS, along with the salon’s contact information, which we distributed to all clients. Think about it – what special day could you create and celebrate for your business as your marketing strategy? For more information, visit my website at www.MarketingAuthor.com.

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