Dollar Stores Offer Smart Marketing

Who doesn’t love great stuff for a buck? This post is all about how dollar stores have reinvented themselves — and how they can help you in your marketing.

A long time ago, dollar stores had a bad reputation for selling cheap products and shoddy merchandise. Not so anymore. Now they have gone somewhat mainstream, and you can find lots of great items for a dollar, and other items for a little more than $1. In this economy, dollar stores are a real recession-buster. Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are just a few examples. You won’t find weird merchandise there — in fact, you will find an array of all kinds of goods, even makeup and nail polish that are a steal for a buck. If you’re a woman who likes to experiment with cosmetics — for short change — a dollar store is for you. I’m not sure about this, but if they take manufacturer’s coupons, you can get the items even cheaper, which is always a good thing. You’ll find everything from Bic pens to Folger’s coffee, to Tide detergent to Kellogg’s cereals and Rubbermaid plastics.

And if you’re a business, a dollar store can be your best friend. Why? Because items that cost just $1 each can be used in your marketing as wildly inexpensive promotional items. For example, you could purchase 50 pairs of sunglasses, and send them to new and prospective customers, with the message, “When you do business with us, your future is bright and sunny.” If you are a financial planner who works for himself, this could be a smart marketing strategy for less than $100, which will get yourself remembered. And that’s a good thing — as I always tell my readers of Off The Wall Marketing Ideas, and the people who attend my lectures, Marketing Is The Art Of Making Yourself Memorable.

Scour the aisles of dollar stores and who knows? You just might find that million-dollar idea to put your business on the map.

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