Do It Differently

I’m a marketing expert who specializes in marketing plastic surgeons, dentists, and hair and skincare salons. If there’s only one tip that you get from my Marketing Author blog, it’s this: always think outside the box, and do something different. One of my favorite marketing strategies comes from a financial planner. She bought $1 lottery tickets and sent them out to potential clients with the message, “Take a chance on me.” It worked. Another way to lure customers to your door? Have people “picket” – and I say that in quotes – picket your establishment, only with signs saying what a great place it is. I’m also a big believer in sending postcards about your business, with a special offer. The postcard obviates opening an envelope, and pretty much guarantees that your message will be read. Postcards also cost less in postage than your average letter. Another strategy? The website lets you create your own marketing postage stamps, with your specific image and message – I know one book author who markets himself with these stamps with great success. When you think outside the box, you’ll never be labeled a square. These are low-cost marketing strategies that can help put you and your business on the map.

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