Today’s marketing tip is this: Do something good in your community – your new and potential customers will appreciate and remember your business for it. It reminds me of a civic marketing event I worked on, in which a bank wanted to express goodwill to the community. It created a special Senior Class Ball – but not for high school students. Instead, it was for Senior Citizens.The local high school gym was decorated like prom night, and all the senior citizens from one particular nursing home dressed up and enjoyed a night of dancing. All the women got corsages to wear, and the men, boutonnieres. The Senior Class Ball was a huge success, and the bank that sponsored the event firmly established its brand in the community. To market your business, think about your community, who you would like to benefit, and a special event you could create. This can be a very effective marketing strategy for any business, especially a small business. Check out my website for Maxima Marketing,my business.

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