Divorce Is Distasteful In Hotel Marketing Efforts

Today’s tip is all about having good taste in your marketing. I have to say – this week I got an email from a luxury resort in Puerto Vallarta that had me reeling – and very angry. This luxury, adults-only boutique hotel, which is a member of Leading Hotels of the World, is capitalizing on the tragic high divorce rate, by offering a special package for divorced people. That in itself is disturbing – those people who have untied the knot are invited to “rejoice in your newfound freedom,” and the hotel package includes a cocktail party and a jewelry consultation to redesign your ex-engagement ring. But what shook me to my core is the – are you sitting down – the special little ring coffin that they will give you, to celebrate the death of your marriage. You heard it here, folks – a coffin for your wedding ring. Creative marketing is one thing, but this takes the wedding cake. This is bad marketing. I know a disturbing marketing gimmick when I see it, and I say that as a cosmetic surgery marketing consultant and publicist, as well as someone who is a cosmetic dentistry marketing consultant and publicist and a professional travel writer. My business, Maxima Marketing, specializes in marketing and publicity for a wide variety of practices and businesses.

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