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Need an innovative marketing strategy? Maxima Marketing is known for developing unusual marketing plans and strategies. We’ll make your marketing messages fun and be engaging for your customers—as well as rewarding for you. The result? An increase in business from turning prospects into clients.

Maxima Marketing is an experienced and professional marketing agency based in Westwood, MA. We have helped many small and large businesses in the Boston area. We are the industry leading expert in retail marketing, hair salon business branding, luxury living business marketing, food, restaurant marketing and more. Maxima Marketing is proud to serve businesses in Westwood, Boston, Dedham, Needham, Canton, Newton, and more

We’re not “the average marketing firm”—and we pride ourselves on that. We know how to discover, communicate and promote unique identifiers and features about your organization that even you may not realize. We have a knack for amplifying—and if necessary creating—marketing and selling points that showcase your business as special, unique and different.

Promotional Tie-in

For example, to promote her book, I Love Men in Tasseled Loafers: Or How to Judge a Man by His Shoes, Ms. Kickham wrote press releases, rolled them up, and tied them with actual leather laces and tassels furnished by the Allen Edmonds men’s shoe company. These were placed into shoe boxes furnished by Allen Edmonds and sent to the media—to enthusiastic audiences with spectacular results.

Allen Edmonds Tassel Loafers

Ms. Kickham also created a special cocktail called “The Tasseled Loafer,” a mixture of raspberry liqueur and milk (and the color of a cordovan shoe), which she served at all publicity events for the book. The trademark toast became, “Here’s looking at shoe!” As a result, Ms. Kickham received highly extensive media publicity in everything from footwear trade journals, to beverage journals, to the lifestyle and fashion pages of magazines and newspapers, to TV shows where she became branded as a dating expert.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Debbi on many projects through the years. She is extremely knowledgeable on so many levels about so many industries—Bridal, Fashion and Travel. ALWAYS ahead of the trends and I just love the fact that she always has a different perspective and creative angle to all that she pursues. PLUS—she is a great, warm and fun-loving person. She just loves life and it comes across in her work.”

—Nancy Antoine, Vice President, Boston Wedding Group

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I Love Men in Tasseled Loafers