I routinely handle plastic surgery marketing, skincare salon marketing and hair salon marketing. But whatever industry you are in, you need effective marketing strategies. Today’s tip? Create your own civic marketing program, to do good for the community. People love to do business with companies that give back, and why not create your own concept? For example, I have always wanted to work with a company that makes draperies. My idea is for us to go into homeless shelters and create beautiful window treatments for free. I would call this concept, “It’s curtains for homelessness,” using that play on words to really say that I’d like to end homelessness. It reminds me of another civic marketing technique that I featured in my book Off The Wall Marketing Ideas – a delicatessen in New York created a campaign called “A Pint for a Pint.” And anyone who donated a pint of blood at the local Red Cross got a free coupon for a pint of chicken soup. What civic marketing program can you craft for your business? Civic marketing is a small business and big business marketing strategy that works. For more information, visit my website at

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