Craft A Jingle To Make Your Business Memorable

As a marketing expert who specializes in marketing doctors, dentists, and hair and skincare salons, I know a great idea when I see one. One idea that always hits a high note with me, is to create a jingle for your business — why should the big companies be the only ones to do this? Having a jingle for your business, no matter its size, is smart and effective marketing. One company that has achieved enormous success, just based on the strength of their jingle, is Bernie and Phyl’s furniture stores…it goes like this: “Quality, Comfort and Price – that’s nice!” This jingle is so successful, it has a 97% awareness in the marketplace. That’s why Bernie and Phyl’s always uses it to their advantage. On one rainy, snowfilled day in March, more than 4700 people showed up to audition and sing their version of the jingle, in three different Bernie and Phyl stores. It was a resounding success, and every child who auditioned got a $5 gift card. Bernie and Phyl’s also partnered with Honda and gave away a hybrid Honda to the person who sang and created the most original arrangement of the jingle. Bernie and Phyl’s also goes out into the local community, and simply tapes people singing their jingle. Quite simply, it works. It may not be the “Meshuganah Marketing,” wild and crazy tactic that I frequently discuss, or typically advocate at my business, Maxima Marketing — but a jingle is a tried-and-true marketing idea that has withstood the test of time. Bravo to Bernie and Phyl!

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