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Marketing your cosmetic surgery medical practice can be a tedious and very specialized process. With a lot of hoops to jump through, it’s important to find a cosmetic surgery marketing agency that has experience in the delicate medium of cosmetic surgery marketing.  

Maxima Marketing is “just the ticket” to assist your cosmetic surgery practice, with the goal of creating more visibility as well as attracting patients. Maxima Marketing’s owner, Debbi Kickham, is a beauty expert and author of the Amazon bestseller, The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide,”  which is the world’s first beauty book for traveling women – a combination of Allure Magazine, Travel+Leisure and Born To Shop.  Maxima Marketing, in the past 25 years, have worked with countless beauty product manufacturers, cosmetic surgeons, hair salons, and dermatologists, to provide first-class beauty marketing.  

Maxima Marketing has helped countless firms market their cosmetic surgery and beauty offerings and has what it takes to help optimize marketing and social media efforts for firms across the country. Using the full marketing mix, Maxima Marketing knows how to create specialized website copy, social media campaigns, internet PR, blogs, articles, newsletters, and social media pages to help your cosmetic surgery practice drive traffic from all over.   

With cosmetic surgery being a narrow vertical for the most part, finding the right customers and getting your marketing message across can prove to be difficult. Maxima Marketing will provide a specialized process in which President, Debbi Kickham will do an one-on-one in-depth interview and consultation to help identify the specific needs of your firm. A special emphasis on social media will allow you to target specific demographics to ensure you are hitting the right targets, at the right time.   

Coupled with creating a blog to provide information and answer any prospective patient’s questions, creating a cohesive strategy for cosmetic surgery marketing is the first and biggest step to helping your medical practice get found. Keeping your possible and current patients informed, is a great way to make sure you maintain current patients and possibly sway patients who are thinking about using your service in the right direction.   

Consult a Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Consultant in Needham, MA 

Maxima Marketing knows the unique needs and challenges that come with marketing a cosmetic surgery practice. The result from developing unique marketing plans and strategies will reward not only reward your business, but your customers as well. The conversion of prospective customers to actual patients will increase when working with Maxima Marketing. 

If you are thinking about hiring someone to help boost your cosmetic surgery marketing, Maxima Marketing has the experience and knowledge to take your business to the next level. Contact us at (781) 407-9305 for more information in Westwood, Needham, Newton, Boston and more! 

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