Corporate Sponsors Use World-Famous Monuments For Their Marketing

Should you visit Rome in Summer of 2013, and wander over to the Colosseum, your ticket to get inside will contain some interesting advertising. It will feature the logo of Tod’s, the prestigious shoe manufacturer based in Italy, which is famous for its pebble-soled driving shoes. Tod’s has donated a reported $33 Million for a renewal project at the famous Roman landmark. Under the terms of the contract, Tod’s will have the right to use the Colosseum logo in its advertising and marketing for at least 15 years. This is just one example of how corporate sponsors are coming to the aid of world-famous landmarks and historic sites that are in disrepair, and in dire need of restoration. In Venice, not too long ago, the women’s clothing line Sisley put its advertising on a tarpaulin that covered the white limestone exterior of the Bridge of Sighs. Banners touting Coca-Cola also hung near the Piazza San Marco. As a Boston copywriter and Boston expert in creative marketing, I realize that these examples, on some level, turn culture into merchandise, but it seems that world monuments don’t have much other choice nowadays. Corporate sponsors see world landmarks, which need funding, as the perfect vehicle for advertising and marketing their products and services. Get ready for this trend to go mainstream all over the world.

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