Connect With Consumer Emotions For Effective Marketing

Mmmm good…that was the marketing phrase that’s always been attached to Campbell’s soup. And while that catchphrase is still used, marketers have found that shoppers just weren’t making purchases. So, they did a series of studies, many of them using neuroscience methods that tracked eye movement, pupil dilation and facial expressions as participants shopped. As a result of that, Campbell’s made changes to their soup products. They removed the spoon from the label, added steam and redesigned the bowl, so that the contemporary look would have consumers think of the soup as nurturing. They also specified a particular variety of soup as a Classic Favorite, or as Great for Cooking. So the tip today is to try to understand how your product or service connects with consumers’ emotions, and always try to improve your in-store merchandising. I say this as a Marketing Expert and Publicist for a wide variety of businesses, including Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Dentists, Hair Salons and Skincare Salons. For more information, check out my website at Maxima Marketing. I specialize in low-cost and no-cost marketing tips and strategies for your business or practice and am the author of the bestselling book OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS.

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