Color Your World With Crayola

This past June, the Crayola company – makers of the crayons that we all loved as kids – celebrated its 110th anniversary. Know what they did to celebrate and mark the occasion? It invited its many fans to devise new names for eight of its classic colors. The choices were marketed and packaged in a limited-edition – but these are some of the new names:

Yellow – Sunny Side Up
Purple – Peace, Love & Purple
Red – Ladybug
Orange — Freshly Squeezed
Brown – Freckle
Blue – BeYOUtiful Blue

This is smart, low-cost, creative marketing that I always discuss in my blog posts and lectures to business groups. As a product copywriter and marketing communications expert, I know that celebrating milestones and anniversaries of your business is a great way to create attention with the public and with the media. Good work, Crayola. I’m waiting to see what you’ll do next with the anniversary of one of your greatest products, Silly Putty!

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