Club Applebee’s Is Chain’s Newest Marketing Promotion

How to get customers into your establishment late at night, to boost your sales?

It’s the question that has plagued probably every restaurant out there. The answer? Just follow the footsteps of Studio 54.

The restaurant chain Applebee’s has found a solution, with the creation of Club Applebee’s as its new brand positioning. Some of Applebee’s franchisees are attracting the late-night and Letterman crowd by showcasing half-price appetizers, drink specials, theme nights, and the lure of dance music or karaoke, at what they have dubbed, “Club Applebee’s.”

The trend started with a Florida Applebee’s franchisee. They began by hosting nights featuring karaoke, luaus, and trivia, as well as discounted cocktails to attract the drinking public. Restaurants have always known that if they can lure the late-night drinking crowd, with drinks being one of the most profitable things on any menu, that it will boost sales. Many of Applebee’s locations are open until midnight or later.

As a Boston marketing consultant, it sounds like a good formula for success.

I’m waiting for Club Dunkin’ Donuts, as I love a good Mexican coffee any time of day.

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