Clever Marketing From The Little Company That Could

Here’s a marketing success story about the little company that could. Have you heard of the Orabrush? This company spent $28 – that’s right, $28 – to purchase Facebook ads targeted at Walmart employees in Arkansas. They said, “Walmart employees have bad breath. Walmart needs to carry Orabrush. It will sell better than anything in your store.” What’s fascinating is that these $28 ads sold BETTER than the typical $20,000 print ads placed in retail trade magazines. Within 48 hours of launching the Facebook ad, a Walmart manager got an email from the Walmart buyer, and before you know it, Walmart placed an order for 735,000 of the Orabrush tongue cleaners. Before this, Orabrush was known for its 39 million views of its funny YouTube videos. In fact, consumers who saw the character of Morgan The Tongue on YouTube led the company Boots in the United Kingdom to place an Orabrush order. The moral of the story? Use Facebook and YouTube to your advantage. It’s a brave new world out there for marketers. I say this as a Boston-based marketing and public relations consultant for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and hair and skincare salons. Contact me at Maxima Marketing at (781) 407-9305 for a free consultation.

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