Clever Marketing: Diet Coke and Marc Jacobs

This post is all about smart partnerships between businesses, and this one is practically guaranteed to get great results.
Designer Marc Jacobs has partnered with Diet Coke, and the result are classy cans of soda.
Ah, it’s a marriage made in Heaven. Diet Coke and a fashionable designer can. What woman could resist this particular pairing?
As a Boston copywriter and Boston marketing communications expert, this is a savvy step by Diet Coke. Just as Louis Vuitton has hired designers to dress up its handbags, Coca-Cola hopes to attract its audience with a fashionable soda can.
Who better than Marc Jacobs? His styles are to-die-for.
That said, Diet Coke recently launched designer Marc Jacob’s special can collection, called “So Fashion.” The classy cans are inspired by the last three decades in the world of fashion. The Eighties are celebrated with a design inspired by Broadway, Radio City Music Hall and the women’s liberation movement. The Nineties demonstrate a model in a top hat, wearing heels and a bustier. The new Millennium – the 2000s – are covered with a sporty look reminiscent of the Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 runway attire.
The beverage industry is very crowded, with the old reliable brands and new start-ups. Anything a brand can do to get itself noticed is smart marketing indeed.

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