Civic Marketing Works!

People like to do business with companies that do good.  Let’s face it — if you’re considering shopping at two different stores, and one is well-known for its civic work in the community, you’re more likely to make your purchase with THAT company. As a Boston-based marketing and public relations consultant, I know how important  — and effective — civic marketing can be, to set your business apart. In my book OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS, which made the bestseller lists in 2000, my co-author and I discuss all the pros of civic marketing.  For example, a delicatessen in New York sponsored a Pint for a Pint” campaign in which everyone who donated a pint of blood to the local Red Cross received a FREE pint of chicken soup from the deli.  It was a huge, tasty success, and one that put that particular delicatessen on the map.  More proof that marketing ideas and techniques that are successful don’t necessarily require cash — only creativity. Check out my website for Maxima Marketing,my business.

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