Christmas In July Marketing

Yes, it’s July, and that means, well, now’s the time to get your press releases for Christmas out to the media. Remember, magazines, have a 4- to 5-month lead time, so you need to act now to make it into the pages of publications for December. One smart way to write your press release, other than asking for your product or service to be part of their holiday gift guide, is to show that your product or service is part of a trend. For example, if you own a spa, you might show that your products and services for teenagers are part of the larger nationwide trend of young people going to spas. And make sure to include some catchy, clever information, such as “Three out of three wise men agree that your product or service is a good value.” You also can’t go wrong with making up a quote from Santa or Rudolph. Every journalist who gets your press release will appreciate your wit and humor. I say this as a plastic surgery marketing consultant and publicist, and a cosmetic dentistry marketing consultant and publicist. I’m also a crackerjack copywriter and editor, so if you need a press release written or a marketing strategy crafted, give me a call at (781) 407-9305 and check out my business at Maxima Marketing.

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