How Customer Testimonials Can Benefit Your Business

DId you know customer testimonials are just as important as content on a website? Content marketing is often about building strategies focusing on delivering your message, value, story, etc. 

However, customer testimonials are just as important because other people’s words often have a lot of power to influence potential customers. Thus, testimonials should be major assets to your content marketing strategy and offer the slight push to help potential clients make a purchase. 

Imagine you are searching for a place to enjoy Italian cuisine tonight and you are comparing two restaurants with the price and the menu about the same, and here is where customer testimonials come in. A well-presented testimonial could truly convince a potential client to make the decision to purchase your service or product. 

So how exactly, can you produce a convincing client experience that will resonate with your sales prospects. Testimonials need to tell a story instead of just a list of features. 

Now comes the hard part: actually capturing the client experience in a way that resonates with your sales prospects.

So when the testimonial is created, what is the best place to post? The answer is everywhere! Post it on your website, post it to all your social media channels, as many places as possible. Even if the visitor isn’t ready to convert yet, the message will stick to their mind. 

If you are looking for help in creating a compelling testimonial from your past clients, contact Maxima Marketing today. We can help you create testimonials that you can build trust with prospective clients by showing the beneficial impact your product or service can provide. Contact us today at (781) 407-9305 or fill out a contact form to learn more. Maxima Marketing is proud to serve businesses in Needham, Dedham, Canton, Westwood, and other areas in Greater Boston. You can also check out our testimonials on our website.


Bad Marketing: Bad Taste Still Reigns Supreme

On the treadmill this evening, while watching TV, I was aghast at a commercial for a particular brand of toilet paper. I blogged last week about a really smart toilet paper marketing strategy – that of Charmin and its TP wedding-dress contest.
This blog post is about the toilet paper commercial I viewed today, which left me aghast.
Tonight, one of Charmin’s competitors showed a truly disgusting ad for its products. It depicted a woman who was conducting speed-dating with numerous young men. There was a hidden camera. One of her key questions to each man she met for this first time: “What do you wipe your bum with?” Yech. Gross. She proceeded to ask similar questions to the many men she was seated across from, one at a time. And then she whipped out the toilet paper, to show them what they should be using.
Am I being old-fashioned to believe that, in the real world, no one would ever say such things in polite company? However, this ad basically says that a conversation such as this one is totally acceptable, if not desirable.
It’s insulting and idiotic. As a product copywriter, and a marketing copywriter, I find it unbelievable that a company has to resort to something so offensive. But that’s where advertising is nowadays – in a race to the bottom.
Then – get a load of this. The TV show on the air when I was on the treadmill tonight was a wedding-gown show, where engaged women visit a famous store to select their dress. In tonight’s episode, a young woman cane prancing out of the dressing room, dressed in white to-the-nines. One of her friends didn’t like her gown selection, proclaiming that it was not “awesome balls.” I kid you not.
Perhaps this type of vulgarian is what the toilet paper people are aiming for. Just when I think that TV and the media can’t get any lower – it does. Sad but true.

Publicity Stunts Are Great PR

As the owner of Maxima Marketing for 25 years, I know a good idea when I see it. I am a marketing copywriter, marketing expert and publicist for plastic surgeons, and marketing expert and publicist for hair and skincare salons. Today’s tip? Well, why not consider a publicity stunt for your business? Staging an event to put your business in the public spotlight can be very effective. Remember, the Miss America pageant started in 1921 as a way to attract tourists to Atlantic City – and look at how popular the pageant is today. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade started as a publicity stunt in 1924, when six employees walked six miles to the Macy’s store, from the city zoo. One of the earliest publicity stunts in time was the Boston Tea Party in 1773, when patriots dressed as Indians threw 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor, to protest excessive taxation by the East India Company. If you’re going to stage a publicity stunt, think about doing it on April Fool’s Day, when you can make a joke go a long way. That’s what Burger King did once, when it advertised a Whopper for left-handed people. Give the media a good news story with your publicity stunt, and they’ll reward you for it.

Attention to National Relaxation Day!

I’m the owner of Maxima Marketing in Westwood, Massachusetts, and a skilled marketing copywriter, marketing expert and publicist for plastic surgeons, and marketing expert and publicist for cosmetic dentists. Do you need to R-E-L-A-X? Would you trade in Labor Day for a new national holiday on August 15 called National Relaxation Day? A new survey conducted by Princess Cruises found that three-quarters of Americans would happily trade labor Day for National Relaxation Day. Nearly a quarter (23%) of Americans have never had a relaxing vacation, and, for those who have, it has been an average of three years since they last took a break from the routine grind of daily life. Three-quarters (74%) of Americans reported their inability to relax frequently negatively affects their mental and physical health. OK – so if you’re a business what can you do about that? To celebrate this day, Princess Cruises will provide its employees with complimentary yoga classes as well as shifting the dress code from business-casual’ to summer-fun.'” As a business, you could use Flex Time on this day, allowing employees to come in later and leave earlier. And if you’re a spa, this day was made for you – all you need to do is to encourage the American public to visit your location for a calming, relaxing rubdown with a velvet glove.

Pan Am Brands Takes Off!

I routinely handle plastic surgery marketing, skincare salon marketing and hair salon marketing. But whatever industry you are in, you need effective marketing strategies. Today’s tip? Do you want your marketing to be ahead of the curve? Then look to the Nineteen Sixties…..and specifically on Pan Am Brands. Starting this Fall, ABC is scheduled to air a show entitled “Pan Am,” which is a period drama set in the 1960s, about the pilots and flight attendants who once made Pan Am the most glamorous way to fly, with its luxurious Clipper flights. The show is poised to be a huge hit, and along with that, all of the marketing and merchandise associated with Pan Am is set to take off as well. Pan Am Brands is based in Dover, New Hampshire, and it owns the Pan American World Airways name. Get set to see a wealth of Pan Am merchandise take flight into the American consciousness, including the classic blue-and-white bag called The Explorer and which sells for $89. Pan Am Brands and producers of the new ABC show spent more than four years negotiating the licensing agreement that allows the show to use the Pan Am brand and logo. I think the products are going to fly…off the shelves. Call us at Maxima Marketing, (781) 407-9305, to put your company on the map!

September is National Coupon Month

September is almost here, and it also happens to be National Coupon Month. Coupons have come a long way, baby, and it’s expected that in 2011, 88.2 million consumers will use online coupons. And they’re popping up all over the place – in bank statements, for example, In partnership with BillShrink, more than 2,000 banks monitor customer spending and provide coupons based on how you shop. You’ll also find coupons on the back of ticket stubs, on mobile phones, on social media, and in the back pages of phone books. And you know those extra coupons that come with your receipt at the grocery store? They’re called Catalinas, and chances are, they are for products you actually want to buy. What does all this mean to you, the business owner? It means that there are more and more sources where you can place coupons about your business. So get out there and help your customers and patients save money. I say this as an experienced copywriter, and marketing expert and publicist, and owner of Maxima Marketing in Westwood, Mass.

Add Bling To Your Bio, To Make It Sparkle

One of the most important things you can do, as a business owner, is to have a biography of yourself ready to give to the media. When a reporter calls you, you want to present yourself in the best possible light. Well, one mistake that many people make, when writing their bio, is that they merely lift material from their resume, including long lists such as degrees earned, honors achieved, and employment history. That’s ok – but it’s boring. Sometimes the most talented authors write the worst bios. Instead, you should ask yourself some questions that may produce fascinating answers. Who is your hero – and why? What event in your childhood had the greatest effect on your life?? If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what other job would you have? What lesson from Mom do you still live by today? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? These questions can help turn your biography from bland, to grand. I saw this as a copywriter, and as a Continue reading

Use Marketing Words That Connect With Reader Emotions

Do you write press releases and news pitches to the media? Today’s tips are all about how to make the most of your words, in order to pique the interest of reporters and producers. But all means put keywords in subject lines and headlines. Write and rewrite. And edit your press release at least twice – that’s right – twice – to check for content and typographical errors. And make sure to use words from the heart that connect with emotions. Lastly, avoid jargon and rhetoric, and instead, use words that your readers can connect to. I offer these marketing tips as a Copywriter and owner of Maxima Marketing, and the author of three books including my newest bestseller, THE GLOBETROTTER’S GET-GORGEOUS GUIDE. This book appeals to all women who wish to be beautiful in their travels, as I present a “goldmine of get-gorgeous advice” from “the world’s first beauty book for traveling women.” It is a combination of Allure Magazine, Travel+Leisure, and Born To Shop!

Give Yourself An Unusual Title

I’m a crackerjack copywriter and editor, and I love words. That’s why I excel at being a plastic surgery marketing expert and publicist, and a cosmetic dentistry marketing expert and publicist. So…..Are you owner and president of your own company? If you’re self-employed, it is really smart marketing to give yourself and create for yourself an unusual title, because that will help to make you and your business memorable, and that can lead to more clients and customers. For example, at Maxima Marketing, my business, I list myself not just as the owner, but also as the ‘Queen of Creativity.” You’re apt to remember that, aren’t you? Let’s say you own a coffee shop or a Dunkin Donuts franchise – you could call yourself the “Bean Queen.” Likewise, if you specialize in importing tea, why not call yourself the TeaEO instead of the CEO? If you’re a plumber who does outstanding work, why not simply list yourself as “Boston’s Best Plumber” on your business card and website. When you think outside of the box – your clients will appreciate your efforts, and even be inspired themselves. This is marketing that costs nothing — it only requires creativity! Check out my blogs at Maxima Marketing and call me at (781) 407-9305. As I said, I love words and can use my wordsmith talents to write you a press release, edit a speech or a book, proofread, devise a marketing strategy, name your product or service, or craft a signature tag line. And some of my best marketing tips are offbeat!

Christmas In July Marketing

Yes, it’s July, and that means, well, now’s the time to get your press releases for Christmas out to the media. Remember, magazines, have a 4- to 5-month lead time, so you need to act now to make it into the pages of publications for December. One smart way to write your press release, other than asking for your product or service to be part of their holiday gift guide, is to show that your product or service is part of a trend. For example, if you own a spa, you might show that your products and services for teenagers are part of the larger nationwide trend of young people going to spas. And make sure to include some catchy, clever information, such as “Three out of three wise men agree that your product or service is a good value.” You also can’t go wrong with making up a quote from Santa or Rudolph. Every journalist who gets your press release will appreciate your wit and humor. I say this as a plastic surgery marketing consultant and publicist, and a cosmetic dentistry marketing consultant and publicist. I’m also a crackerjack copywriter and editor, so if you need a press release written or a marketing strategy crafted, give me a call at (781) 407-9305 and check out my business at Maxima Marketing.