AT&T’s new “It Can Wait” Safe-Driving Campaign Is Brilliant and Smart Marketing

I am aggressive in my life, when it comes to working towards success, for example. Maybe I should just say that I am assertive. But there is one place where I totally give that up and become defensive every day: in the car. That’s right – I drive defensively. I totally “watch out for the other guy” – which was a successful driver-safety civic–marketing campaign, when I grew up in the Sixties.

I don’t know about you, but I’m terrified of other drivers. Why? Because, chances are, someone behind the wheel – near to me and my car – is texting or Snapchatting while driving. It scares the bejesus out of me. Last night I drove three hours from Trumbull, Conn., to my home in the Boston area, and I worried the entire time that THE OTHER GUY was going to text and drive and swerve and crash into me on the Mass Pike. And then my life would be over.

That’s why I’m thrilled to know about – and participate in – AT&T’s excellent new marketing campaign called “It Can Wait.” See this link: This is one of the best driving safety marketing campaigns I have ever seen.
This wonderful, smart, and important program encourages every driver to “take the pledge” and to vow and commit to never texting when they are in the driver’s seat. It makes IMPORTANT points – that it’s never OK to text while driving (or to do Snapchat), and that NO ONE’S LIFE is worth a text. If you kill someone as the result of looking at a text when you are driving – would that EVER be worth it? Take the AT&T simulated drive and you’ll be terrified into action. Even if you are in the car alone, you are not alone on the road. In my opinion, you should just TURN OFF the cellphone in the car, so you won’t even be tempted. Turn the phone on if you are lost, and need to pull over to get directions or to make a phone call. Or to tell someone you are late. In my humble opinion, I think even changing the channel on the radio is dangerous – that’s probably why my brand new Toyota Corolla has a radio-changer fitted into the steering wheel of my new car. One second, if you take your eyes off the road – and disaster can happen.

Please read this impressive blog post that my husband Bill wrote about this – the powerful video he embedded in his post is one of the best I have ever seen on this subject. My husband Bill is a Boston personal-injury attorney and he knows firsthand how incredibly dangerous it is to drive and text.
With a AT&T campaign like this, I’m proud to be an AT&T customer. I’m also a published author of a marketing book, (Off The Wall Marketing Ideas) and a marketing communications writer, ( and a travel content creator, and I KNOW a great public-relations campaign when I see one. I am also a former Editor of Robb Report Magazine, where I wrote mountains of articles about luxury cars. Congratulations to AT&T. Now let’s all get onboard, in the car, and do the right thing. For everyone.

Ben Stiller’s Clever Naked Marketing Strategy

Here’s today’s marketing tip from the Queen of Creativity at Maxima Marketing. What’s in a name? Shakespeare said even a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. But there’s much to be said for the name of your product or service, and product naming companies across the country would tell you that. The actor Ben Stiller has a new foundation, whose goal is to support children around the globe with educational initiatives. Mr. Stiller wanted a catchy name for it. He thought of all kinds of options including So You Think You Can Donate, and The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Learn To Do Other Good Stuff. Those are terrible names. And he knew it. So, like any good marketer, he tried to think of a name that would entice and attract people to his website. A name like…..well, actress Jennifer Aniston. But he didn’t leave it at that. The new name of his foundation is – are you ready? — Check it out and you’ll wind up on the real Stiller Foundation Facebook page. Clever. I say this as a Boston marketing consultant and publicist. I work with businesses in all industries but specialize in marketing and PR for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, hair salons and skincare salons. Call me at (781) 407-9305 for a free 15-minute consultation. Ask me for some Off The Wall Marketing Ideas, which also happens to be the title of my bestselling book available on


Today’s marketing tip is this: Do something good in your community – your new and potential customers will appreciate and remember your business for it. It reminds me of a civic marketing event I worked on, in which a bank wanted to express goodwill to the community. It created a special Senior Class Ball – but not for high school students. Instead, it was for Senior Citizens.The local high school gym was decorated like prom night, and all the senior citizens from one particular nursing home dressed up and enjoyed a night of dancing. All the women got corsages to wear, and the men, boutonnieres. The Senior Class Ball was a huge success, and the bank that sponsored the event firmly established its brand in the community. To market your business, think about your community, who you would like to benefit, and a special event you could create. This can be a very effective marketing strategy for any business, especially a small business. Check out my website for Maxima Marketing,my business.


I routinely handle plastic surgery marketing, skincare salon marketing and hair salon marketing. But whatever industry you are in, you need effective marketing strategies. Today’s tip? Create your own civic marketing program, to do good for the community. People love to do business with companies that give back, and why not create your own concept? For example, I have always wanted to work with a company that makes draperies. My idea is for us to go into homeless shelters and create beautiful window treatments for free. I would call this concept, “It’s curtains for homelessness,” using that play on words to really say that I’d like to end homelessness. It reminds me of another civic marketing technique that I featured in my book Off The Wall Marketing Ideas – a delicatessen in New York created a campaign called “A Pint for a Pint.” And anyone who donated a pint of blood at the local Red Cross got a free coupon for a pint of chicken soup. What civic marketing program can you craft for your business? Civic marketing is a small business and big business marketing strategy that works. For more information, visit my website at

Civic Marketing Works!

People like to do business with companies that do good.  Let’s face it — if you’re considering shopping at two different stores, and one is well-known for its civic work in the community, you’re more likely to make your purchase with THAT company. As a Boston-based marketing and public relations consultant, I know how important  — and effective — civic marketing can be, to set your business apart. In my book OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS, which made the bestseller lists in 2000, my co-author and I discuss all the pros of civic marketing.  For example, a delicatessen in New York sponsored a Pint for a Pint” campaign in which everyone who donated a pint of blood to the local Red Cross received a FREE pint of chicken soup from the deli.  It was a huge, tasty success, and one that put that particular delicatessen on the map.  More proof that marketing ideas and techniques that are successful don’t necessarily require cash — only creativity. Check out my website for Maxima Marketing,my business.