Personalized M&Ms Are A Sweet Marketing Tool

One of my favorite ways to market any business is with – are you ready? M&Ms candies. These colorful little bursts of chocolate, in a colorful candy shell, can be imprinted with the name of your business, your phone number, message, logo, and even a small photo. Isn’t that downright clever? There’s a rainbow of 25 M&Ms colors that you can select, and the packaging for them includes small tins and even business-card holders that can hold your business card and be used again by the recipient. I’ve personally used these adorable M&Ms to publicize my bestselling book, THE GLOBETROTTER’S GET-GORGEOUS GUIDE, and my marketing and PR firm, Maxima Marketing. (We specialize in cosmetic surgery marketing and publicity, and cosmetic dental marketing and publicity.) If you’re going to a business trade show, you definitely want to hand out your personalized M&Ms at your booth. They’re also great as wedding favors and party favors. If you have foot traffic at your office you can even purchase a gumball machine with your personalized M&Ms inside as the ultimate candy dish. They’re even kosher. Public relations manager Lauren Nodzak told me that these M&Ms are an incredible business marketing tool and as a marketing expert for more than 25 years, I agree. These are low-cost marketing tools that get attention. Visit for more info.


Today’s marketing tip? Think outside the box, or in this case, the shoe box, as a smart marketing strategy. Here’s an example of good book publicity. The very first book I wrote was a humorous dating book entitled I Love Men in Tasseled Loafers, or, how to judge men by their shoes. To market my book, I contacted numerous shoe companies to see who would partner with me. The Allen-Edmonds company in Wisconsin, maker of upscale men’s shoes, promoted my book tirelessly, and also sent me 100 empty shoe boxes. When I sent my book out to the media, I placed them in those shoe boxes, along with press releases that I rolled up and tied with actual leather laces and tassels. (I am a former Advertising copywriter.) I added shoe horns and shoe bags from the hotel that hosted my book-signing party. The result? Huge, enthusiastic attention for my book. The lesson here? Always partner with companies that can help you sell yourself and your business. I also hosted a book-signing party in the men’s shoe department of Nordstrom, so that every man who bought a pair of Allen-Edmonds tasseled loafers also received a free copy of my book, all autographed by me. These are smart, low-cost marketing tips that can put your business on the map, especially if you are a small business. For more information, visit my website at