Nars Orgasm Blush Debuts New Marketing Program

If you’re a beauty enthusiast, no doubt you know that there are some incredible icons in the beauty industry. Cetaphil cleanser. L’Oreal Elnett hairspray. Rosebud salve for your lips.
And the king of all beauty icons is probably Nars Orgasm blush for your cheeks. This special $30 product has a cult following, and has been in the beauty Hall of Fame for years. It’s a pinky-peach, and it looks incredibly natural on your skin.
This month, I noticed that Nars was marketing its sensational blush in a new way. In this month’s Vogue Magazine was a huge pink insert that actually contained samples of the Orgasm blush! It was beauty heaven! I’ve been around the beauty block for the past 30 years, and this was the first time I’ve seen a blush sample in magazine. Kudos to Nars – this is smart marketing and smart beauty marketing.
They also have a new social media campaign: Go Ahead, blush and tell: #whatmakesyoublush. As a beauty marketing consultant, I love this idea and am sure it is going to be a huge success. I also really like Nars’ message in the big pink insert: “There’s no faking the award-winning afterglow. Experience it to believe it.”
Of course, even the name of the product is smart beauty marketing. It offers that lovely flush you have after making love. Way to go, Nars!
For all my Gorgeous Globetrotter friends out there – make sure to include this wonderful little cult compact in your travel carry-on!

Downton Abbey Begins Mass Merchandising

What can you do, if you’re a fan of Downton Abbey, if you just can’t make it until the new season starts in January 2014 in the States?

Well, you could watch reruns. You could also buy the DVD set and watch those too. You could even go to England to visit Highclere Castle, the gorgeous location where the hit TV show is filmed. Afterwards, you could go to the gift shop to purchase any number of goodies – everything from clotted cream in specialty Highclere Castle gift boxes, to scented soaps, to unusual cufflinks portraying the castle, which cost a mere 15 British Pounds – about $23.

But let’s not stop there. In fact, the producers and investors behind the show are just now starting to take advantage of the show’s wild popularity, by coming out with a wealth of products that feature housewares, clothing, a board game, and wine.

Wow. It’s about time. As a Boston marketing expert and Boston publicist, I’m actually quite shocked that the program has taken this long to capitalize on Downton’s amazing success. Here in the States, it’s standard practice to have new products rolled out with a huge merchandising program in place. Until now, the most that fans could procure were wall calendars, DVD sets and desk diaries.

The Downton Abbey program makers are poised to cash in, and I’m sure audiences everywhere will thrill to the new products being introduced. In England, the Marks & Spencer stores will peddle a Downton line of beauty products featuring nail polish, lotion, soap and scented candles. Coming soon will be Downton Christmas ornaments. In addition, the London-based company that supplies the program with historically accurate paint hues, including the “Amber Gray” that is the color of the kitchen of the downstairs staff, also has just brought its wares to the marketplace. This is all smart marketing. Here, here!

Smart Marketing: Katie Holmes Touts – and Owns — Haircare Company

Here’s a marketing post about beauty marketing, and about the smart pairing of celebrities with name-brand products.

I have blogged previously about the fact that celebrity Jennifer Aniston is now a co-owner of Living Proof, based in Cambridge, Mass. She will not only be a spokesperson for the haircare company, and not just a paid endorser – she is part owner of the company, giving her testimonials even more credibility. Ads show her touting the product as the “co-owner” of the company.

She will make a bazillion more dollars as a result of this — not that she needs it.

A similar move has been announced by Alterna Haircare. As a Boston marketing consultant, and a marketing consultant specializing in unusual strategies, I believe that these types of marketing marriages are a win-win for everyone. It’s so blatantly true that celebrities in this country are worshipped and seen as role models – and sometimes, the worse their behavior, the better. But a celebrity endorsement, nonetheless, can always kickstart any company’s marketing campaign.

Alterna is know for all kinds of haircare products, including $60 “Ten Shampoo’” and “$32 hair conditioner. (Seems to me you need a celebrity to afford it!) They have hired actress and entrepreneur Katie Holmes as their co-owner and first-ever celebrity spokesperson for the brand. Over the course of her multi-year deal with Alterna, the ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise will offer her creative and consumer insights to help the brand grow and expand its devout consumer following around the world, as well as inspire salon and retail partners.

“Katie inspired us by gracefully evolving from an actress to a multi-faceted artist, designer and style icon,” says Joan Malloy, President/CEO of Alterna Haircare. “We’re confident that adding Katie’s natural beauty, gorgeous hair and creative instincts to our state-of-the-art, results-driven haircare collection will be a game-changing combination.”

Consumers will get their first glimpse at the partnership with in Spring 2013. Marketing will appear in March women’s beauty, lifestyle and salon trade publications. This will be the largest ad campaign for the company since its inception; the campaign invites consumers to experience the “transformational” power of Alterna products “after just one use” via product sampling.

Says Ms. Holmes: “I’m really proud to be a part of this company – not only because the products are incredible, but because their ‘accessible luxury’ and ‘free-of’ philosophy really speaks to me.”

Perfume Marketing: The Sweet Smell of Success

As a Boston marketing writer who always has a wealth of business marketing strategies, here’s a new travel and beauty product on the market that is nothing short of genius!

Finally – various cities will have their own signature scent, making the fragrance the ultimate souvenir! How come no one ever thought of this before?

Entrepreneur and perfumer Gerald Ghislain, along with creative partner Magali Senequier, have created an original concept to offer people the rare opportunity to catch the scents of their world’s most cherished cities. It’s a series of fragrances called The Scent of Departure and it debuted in April 2012.

The Scent of Departure helps you recapture the memories of your unforgettable trip. Each 1.7-oz bottle sells for $45 and has a design that is inspired by a luggage tag. The glass skyscraper bottle features the 3 IATA code letters of the city that it represents: CDG for Paris, JFK for New York City, HKG for Hong Kong, MIL for Milan, SIN for Singapore, and so on.

On the back of each bottle, a narrative transports readers to an enchanted and aromatic journey, leading them to discover – or rediscover – a city’s highlights: from the sun-kissed mandarin and fresh lemon in Bali to the floral/fruity scents of a summer day in Central Park to the fruits and white florals surrounding The Duomo in Venice. Aaah, doesn’t that smell good?

All the fragrances will be for sale in airports and main retail stores as well as on

And in a related story about perfume, this marketing partnership occurred last year, but I just became aware of it. We have known for a LONG time that movies (especially those geared to children) have always have marketing partners so that everyone can build their brand and make bazillions of bucks.

But here’s the latest from Hollywood: Now you can go the movies and discover that a feature film has its own official fragrance. As a Boston marketing expert and Boston marketing copywriter, I admire this kind of forward-thinking. In fact, I wonder what took this idea so long to come to the forefront.

Romance, the women’s fragrance by Ralph Lauren, was the exclusive sponsor of a 2012 film entitled “The Vow” that premiered at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood last February. The movie premiere was attended by the film’s starring cast, including Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. And what was center stage at all of the events? Romance. The fragrance name adorned the pink steps lining the custom pink carpet along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where Channing made his entrance alongside Rachel wearing a Ralph Lauren Purple Label charcoal three-piece suit and furnishings.

Following the premiere, the star-studded audience celebrated the occasion at the film’s official premiere after-party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where the theme was an elegant wedding reception. A custom wedding cake, created by Hollywood’s favorite dessert maker, Sweet Lady Jane, revealed the logos for the perfume and the movie among its three tier. Those attending posed for pictures in a photo booth where wedding-themed images could be instantaneously uploaded to email and Facebook.

Pink roses and Romance fragrances adorned every section of the venue, and the Ralph Lauren Romance commercial ad, shot by renowned photographer and filmmaker Bruce Weber, and depicting the real-life love story of Argentinean polo player, Nacho Figueras, and his wife, Delfina Blaquier, played for all who attended. That Nacho — who appeared on Oprah once — is indescribably and unbelievably gorgeous – but I have to say – he comes in at a close second to my handsome husband, Bill Kickham, a “black Irish” hunk with big blue eyes. Swoon, swoon.

Jennifer Aniston Partners With Living Proof Haircare

Ah, some marriages are made in heaven.

That applies to business relationships as well.

In what can only be described as a HUGE marketing and public-relations score, the Cambridge, Mass.-based company Living Proof has announced that the Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston has become their co-owner and haircare spokesperson. According to a press release, Jen will help actively build the Living Proof hair care business “by using her understanding of what drives our culture and hair trends today. Her role will involve hair care brand development and creative marketing direction for our hair care products. She will also collaborate with our leading stylists and scientists on new hair care product ideas.”

Says Jen in response: “What caught my attention about Living Proof is the company’s unique approach to hair care – using scientific technologies to offer women actual proof in a bottle rather than hoping for results. Over the years, my hair has been subjected to everything…blow dryers, flatirons, curling irons, color, extensions, you name it,” says Jen. “After using these products, I felt like I finally discovered a solution that works every day.”

In the past five years, Living Proof has received more than 34 industry awards for its products. It is also a two-time winner of Allure Magazine’s Best Beauty Breakthrough Award.

Jen’s role will involve her in brand development and creative marketing direction.

As a Boston branding and marketing expert, I can say definitively that this is a great achievement. Congratulations to Living Proof, which, by the way, was featured in The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide, my bestselling book,

Pan Am Brands Takes Off!

I routinely handle plastic surgery marketing, skincare salon marketing and hair salon marketing. But whatever industry you are in, you need effective marketing strategies. Today’s tip? Do you want your marketing to be ahead of the curve? Then look to the Nineteen Sixties…..and specifically on Pan Am Brands. Starting this Fall, ABC is scheduled to air a show entitled “Pan Am,” which is a period drama set in the 1960s, about the pilots and flight attendants who once made Pan Am the most glamorous way to fly, with its luxurious Clipper flights. The show is poised to be a huge hit, and along with that, all of the marketing and merchandise associated with Pan Am is set to take off as well. Pan Am Brands is based in Dover, New Hampshire, and it owns the Pan American World Airways name. Get set to see a wealth of Pan Am merchandise take flight into the American consciousness, including the classic blue-and-white bag called The Explorer and which sells for $89. Pan Am Brands and producers of the new ABC show spent more than four years negotiating the licensing agreement that allows the show to use the Pan Am brand and logo. I think the products are going to fly…off the shelves. Call us at Maxima Marketing, (781) 407-9305, to put your company on the map!


I routinely do hair salon marketing, as well as plastic surgery marketing and skincare salon marketing. Today’s tip? Do something quirky for your marketing. It reminds me of one of the most effective press releases I ever wrote for a client, the SAFAR hair salon on Newbury Street. The owner, Serge Safar, told me one day that if you’re a brunette who doesn’t like your reddish highlights, just brew a cup of coffee and rinse it in your hair, to get rid of the red. Voila! Faster than you can say “Folger’s,” I bought microwaveable coffee packets. Then I typed out special labels that said, “Perk up your hair with coffee” and affixed these labels to the coffee packets. Then I crafted a press release about this technique, and its headline was, “Perk up your hair with coffee.” I sent everything out to the media. Within just one week, I got a phone call from Allure Magazine in New York, and they wrote a feature about my client. The moral of the story? Always be on the alert about something offbeat in your business. This is a very effective example of hair salon marketing.For more information, visit my website at


As a Boston marketing consultant specializing in cosmetic dentistry marketing, I know a good idea when I see one. My business, Maxima Marketing, focuses on working with cosmetic dentists to assist them in “getting the word out.” With one of my clients, I masterminded a cross-marketing program for his practice. This particular dentist specialized in a new type of teeth-whitening formulation. I told him that this teeth whitening procedure is something that all brides would want to know about — after all, they want to look their best on their wedding day. As a result, I contacted all the hotels nearby to this dentist’s practice, to determine if they hosted weddings and offered wedding packages. Voila! Faster than you can say “Crest Whitestrip,” these hotels all agreed to include information about this dentist, and his teeth-whitening, into their wedding packages. It was a win-win for everyone. Every dentist considering cosmetic dentistry marketing should consider the bridal market. This is a low-cost marketing strategy and a marketing gimmick that really works. For more information, visit my website at