Cars With Spa-Like Features? Bad Marketing That’s Asleep At The Wheel.

My husband Bill Kickham is a Massachusetts personal-injury attorney, and he knows all too well about Massachusetts car crashes and motor-vehicle accidents. He sees firsthand the devastation caused by Massachusetts car accidents, especially when they are caused by distracted driving.

You think texting-and-driving is bad? I believe that car manufacturers are making the situation worse.

So, here’s an example of bad marketing, and bad automobile marketing that has left me stunned. In my opinion as a digital marketing expert, this trend is only going to cause more and more accidents. That’s my 2015 marketing prediction.

The new Mercedes-Benz S550 4Matic was designed with vaunted German engineering to become a spa-like haven on four wheels.

Fragrance is pumped in, in the manner of four different aromas.

Some of the heated seats include a special chamber so that the seat back deflates and inflates from your shoulder blades to lower back. This has the effect of a massage. In my opinion, heated seats and massage chairs lead to only one thing: Sleep. And in this case, if you snooze, you really lose. Your life. Yes, your blessed life.

Other parts of the automobile are heated – the armrests, door rests and even the steering wheel. I’m sure it’s padded.

Aren’t all of these luxury features just another way of turning the driver’s seat into a bed? The only thing missing is a blanket and Frette high-thread-count sheets.

I recently spoke to a colleague, who told me – get this – that her mother gets into the driver’s seat, and not only applies her makeup there, while driving – but – are you sitting down? She plugs in her curling iron, and also curls and flat-irons her hair while at the wheel.

I’m all for smart car marketing, but this is an automobile marketing strategy that leaves a lot to be desired. Auto designers should be creating more safety features, and not more things that make you want to get some shut-eye when you’re at the wheel.

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