As an expert marketer and marketing copywriter, I know a good example of branding when I see it. Whether you’re writing newsletters, ads or press releases, or making a TV appearance, it’s smart to establish your brand.

Just like big businesses, you should brand yourself, no matter what your business, to make yourself memorable. And no one does it better than Louie di Raimondo, who calls himself, “America’s Hot Dog King.” Mr. Raimondo has made a name for himself by selling hot dogs out of a cart. But what is most intriguing is that most people have asked him where they can buy a cart like his — and not just the hot dogs. Mr. Raimondo has a flair for promotion, and he dons a red royal robe, crown and scepter, when he has made appearances on CNN and The Today Show, and in several commercials and films. He says that the more he goes overboard, and more his sales increase. That’s Meshuganah Marketing that works. Check out his website at And don’t forget to get yourself a gimmick, no matter your business or brand. That’s good marketing. Check out my website for Maxima Marketing,my business.

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