Need to beef up your marketing?Then take your cue from this marketing idea, and I say this as a marketing expert and author of Off The Wall Marketing Ideas. Here’s the scoop. A New Orleans steakhouse used direct mail to get the word out about its restaurant. The restaurant wanted to sizzle up its lunchtime traffic. So they created a media campaign called “Let’s Meat Up For Lunch,” where “meet” was spelled “meat.” Six thousand, seven hundred postcards were sent to customers, offering a FREE burger and fries during lunch hours only. Customers logged onto to the URL, were walked through a four-step activation process, and asked to share the offer with friends through social media. More than 450 people responded, and an additional 2,469 customers visited the site. The moral of the story? Ask your customers to tell their friends about your business on social media. That’s the sage advice of this marketing expert, and that’s today’s food for thought. I certainly know all about restaurant public relations, and I am also a marketing expert and publicist for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, hair salons, and skincare salons. Call me for a free consultation at (781) (407-9305.

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