Sure you’re a CEO at your own company – but why limit yourself to that? One effective marketing strategy for self-employed people is to give yourself a title that everyone will remember – after all, marketing is the art of making yourself memorable.

Let’s say that you own a tea company in the Boston area – why not call yourself the TeaEO instead of the CEO?

If you’re a woman who owns a Dunkin Donuts franchise, in say, Westwood or Dedham, Mass., why not call yourself The Bean Queen?

A Dorchester, Mass.-based plumber could simply refer to himself as “Boston’s Best Plumber” and give himself that moniker. It costs nothing and requires only creativity — not cash.

A business card can be your billboard – make sure to use everything about it to your advantage, as a savvy marketing tactic that will make people remember you. That can translate into more clients. For more information, visit my website at

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