Bad Marketing: New Toilet-Themed Restaurant is Downright Disgusting

As a Boston-based copywriter and marketing expert, I’m all for creativity. In fact, the more creative something is, the more I like it. Show me something that is clever, unique and different, and I most definitely will be impressed.
But what kills me in today’s world is how people use creativity to do something that is truly disgusting, and so offensive it almost leaves me speechless.

Are you ready for this one? There’s a new restaurant in Los Angeles, called the Magic Restroom Café. It claims to be the first and only restaurant of its kind. What makes it different? All the seats at the tables are toilets. Click here to take a look:

The cafe lobby features urinals and toilets, and the prime tables have showerheads fitted on the adjoining wall.

It gets worse, people.

They serve a dish of chicken wings, fried tofu and sausage that it called “golden poop rice.”

There’s also a chocolate sundae called “black poop” and – I’m embarrassed to even write this – the “bloody number two” that is braised pork over rice.

What kind of idiot thought this up? Remember folks, for a restaurant like this to come into fruition, there had to be lots of meetings with owners, chefs, professionals in the restaurant industry, marketing executives, and a wide variety of business people who sat around a table and brainstormed. Can you imagine someone actually dreaming up this idea and then, actually having the nerve to pitch it? And then, having it taken seriously by others? And a bank managing the financing for a place like this? What’s wrong with these people?

With all that creativity, this is the BEST that they could do?

Even worse, what kind of stupid person even goes to a restaurant like this? It’s so insulting, it’s so sophomoric, it’s so low-class that I cringe as I write this.

Oh sure, I’m adding to the problem by reporting on this and focusing attention and publicity on this pathetic place.

God forbid someone uses their creativity to create a special restaurant with a theme that would actually uplift you and add to your life while offering high-quality food and a lovely ambience.

Let’s hope that it goes under before you know it. A stupid, moronic, place like this doesn’t deserve to be successful. My husband Bill and I are constantly lamenting the “decline in dignity” and crassness in this country – and here is Exhibit A.

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