Bad Food Marketing To Children

Do you really want to feed your children Lucky Charms and Coca-Cola? I doubt it. These “foods” have no nutritional value.
As a professional marketing expert who specializes in food marketing, I wanted to tell you all about the Food Marketing Workgroup. According to their website,
The Food Marketing Workgroup is a network of more than 200 organizations and academic experts who are concerned about the proliferation of marketing of unhealthful foods and beverages that targets children and adolescents. This national network, convened by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and Berkeley Media Studies Group (BMSG), is dedicated to eliminating harmful food marketing — particularly marketing aimed at those who are most vulnerable to obesity and other nutrition-related diseases — by actively identifying, investigating, and advocating changes to marketing practices that undermine health.
I’m all for an organization that serves to showcase what is nutritional – and what is not – to parents. When you check out their website, make sure to visit the “Wall of Shame,” which pinpoints some serious food offenders. Such as:
1). The new movie, Free Birds, in which a turkey persuades the early Indians to take turkey off the first Thanksgiving menu and replace it with – you guessed it – Chuck E. Cheese pizza
2). Coca Cola, which apparently is training restaurant servers to “cap the tap” to push customers to order soda instead of water. Doesn’t this simply promote obesity?
3). A school in rural Missouri features four – count ‘em – four Pepsi vending machines containing both diet and full-calorie sugary drinks for sale to high school kids.
4). Cap’N Crunch Oops! All Berries is anything but – it ought to be called mostly sugar and food dyes, and should probably be named “No Berries.”
Is it me – or are you infuriated with Big Food and the way that they shove horrible food advertising – and food – down our throats – and also down the throats of children and young adults? Remember, people, that there’s a serious obesity epidemic in this country, and eating junk isn’t going to help the situation.

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