Bad Food Marketing: Here We Go Again

I am livid.

As a consumer – and professional marketing expert and copywriter – I saw a commercial on TV last night that had me gasping. My jaw dropped.

It is a TV ad for a condiment, and I proudly will NOT name the wretched stuff. It shows two young models at a photo shoot. They take a break and go to eat something. They are greeted by an elderly, gray-haired woman, who offers them a condiment, and proudly proclaims, “I put that s**t on everything.”

Then she shakes her rear end into the camera.

What? Please, spare me grandma’s booty.

I am appalled and disgusted that major brand would resort to this type of vulgarity to sell its stupid product.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised – there’s more than enough vulgarity in our culture, everywhere you turn, with F-bombs and other language freely expressed everywhere, and especially in the media. Trust me – it’s only a matter of time before you hear the F-word on mainstream media. Walk into any gym or store, and chances are, you will hear people using profanity without lowering their voices. I even attended a business conference two weeks ago, where the “professional speaker” liberally peppered her talk with expletives. I was aghast.

Whatever happened to etiquette in polite society?

I’m disgusted and discouraged.

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