Author, Author

In my bestselling book OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS (  I tell my readers that if you want to become known as an expert, one of the best ways you can do it is to write a book.  (In fact, I did just that three times and followed my own advice. My newest book is the bestseller THE GLOBETROTTER’S GET-GORGEOUS GUIDE, Writing a book is a great, effective and smart way to differentiate and distinguish yourself in your profession. My Westwood, Mass.-based business, Maxima Marketing (,) assists all kinds of businesses with marketing and public relations so they can “make themselves memorable.”

And now, unfortunately, we have  reality star Snooki of JERSEY SHORE, who “wrote” a new book called A SHORE THING that is available on  Her book was published by Gallery Books and costs $24.95. It’s insulting to all credible, hard-working, established authors when a reality star whose website is loaded with profanities, and who admits she’s only READ two books in her life, is deemed the “author” of a book — a book that in all likelihood she never even wrote a single word of. At least Amazon has some salient reviews of her book that say, essentially, “Steal This Book. Then Burn It” and “Finally, something worse than cancer.”

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