Attention to National Relaxation Day!

I’m the owner of Maxima Marketing in Westwood, Massachusetts, and a skilled marketing copywriter, marketing expert and publicist for plastic surgeons, and marketing expert and publicist for cosmetic dentists. Do you need to R-E-L-A-X? Would you trade in Labor Day for a new national holiday on August 15 called National Relaxation Day? A new survey conducted by Princess Cruises found that three-quarters of Americans would happily trade labor Day for National Relaxation Day. Nearly a quarter (23%) of Americans have never had a relaxing vacation, and, for those who have, it has been an average of three years since they last took a break from the routine grind of daily life. Three-quarters (74%) of Americans reported their inability to relax frequently negatively affects their mental and physical health. OK – so if you’re a business what can you do about that? To celebrate this day, Princess Cruises will provide its employees with complimentary yoga classes as well as shifting the dress code from business-casual’ to summer-fun.'” As a business, you could use Flex Time on this day, allowing employees to come in later and leave earlier. And if you’re a spa, this day was made for you – all you need to do is to encourage the American public to visit your location for a calming, relaxing rubdown with a velvet glove.

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