Advertisers May Dump Trump at Republican National Convention

Advertisers might skip the Republican National Convention?
It comes as no surprise to me, as a digital marketing expert, that many advertisers are currently struggling with whether or not they should sponsor the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio in July.
With Donald Trump likely to be the Republican nominee, it’s easy to see why sponsors are afraid to be associated with him. Trump has alienated all kinds of people – women, African-Americans, Hispanics, and Muslims in this country, to name a few. To be associated with him, many companies believe, is to commit corporate suicide.
Currently, it’s reported that Apple, Google and Wal-Mart are among the many companies evaluating whether or not they should participate. Many companies have already disassociated themselves with Trump, as was reported in a recent issue of Advertising Age, which did a huge cover story about the Trump brand. Some of the businesses that have severed ties with Trump already include Macy’s, Serta, and Perfumania, which carried his fragrances.
Everybody likes a winner – especially in big business – but Trump isn’t guaranteed to be the presidential winner, and he’s seen as far too risky for sponsors to be associated with. I understand this and it’s smart marketing. This is totally understandable on the part of corporate America, whose emphasis is always on the bottom line. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens. Stay tuned.

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