About Debbi Kickham

Nationally Recognized Marketing Consultant

Maxima Marketing, is a nationally sought-after marketing agency for one reason: we produce stellar results. As a marketing agency for more than 25 years, we have consulted with some of the most prominent corporations and small businesses in America—as well as the too-often unsung heroes of the American economy: sole proprietors and small family businesses.

Author and Editor

Ms. Kickham is a former Editor of Robb Report magazine and previously an Editor at JustLuxe, which focuses on the upscale and luxury markets, providing analysis and information to affluent consumers of luxury goods, services and travel.

Ms. Kickham is also a former Editor-in-Chief and spokesperson for Boston’s first and only beauty magazine, Mirror Magazine.

Her first book, I Love Men in Tasseled Loafers: Or How to Judge a Man by His Shoes, was published in 1988 by Quinlan Press.

Ms. Kickham is a co-author of the bestselling business book Off-The-Wall Marketing Ideas: Jumpstart Your Sales without Busting Your Budget (Adams Media, 2000), which made The Boston Globe’s bestseller list just 11 days after publication in January 2000. Off The Wall Marketing Ideas has been the subject of feature stories in literally scores of media publications.

Ms. Kickham’s third book, entitled The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide: Diet and Beauty Secrets of Travel and Beauty Pros, Traveling Executives and Celebrity Travelers (Outskirts Press) is the world’s first beauty book for traveling women. It boasts a Foreword written by Travel Channel anchor Samantha Brown and interviews with numerous celebrities including Cheryl Tiegs, Ivana Trump, Vanna White and Joan Lunden.

Marketer and Promoter

A natural-born promoter, Ms. Kickham is a master at creating and directing unique, innovative marketing techniques. To promote her first book, I Love Men in Tasseled Loafers: Or How to Judge a Man by His Shoes, she partnered with the nationally known Allen Edmonds shoe company, which provided her with empty shoe boxes. Ms. Kickham then wrote her own press releases, rolled them up, tied them with actual leather laces with tassels, and inserted them into the shoe boxes along with her book. She sent these “press kits” out to the media and received overwhelming media attention as a result.


Ms. Kickham is the author of the Maxima Marketing Blog on this site, a well-read blog on marketing, communications, PR and advertising. She also writes a blog on her website, The Globetrotter’s Get-Gorgeous Guide, where she publishes articles and information for traveling women. She also develops and writes content for legal websites and blogs, with a special emphasis on maximizing search engine optimization (SEO) and social media results for her clients. Check out Debbi’s profile and travel articles on WAG Magazine HERE

Off-the-Wall Marketing

Debbi Kickham is a co-author of the bestselling and landmark book on creative marketing, Off-The-Wall Marketing Ideas: Jumpstart Your Sales without Busting Your Budget (Adams Media Company, 2000). Written under her maiden name of Debbi Karpowicz, Off-The-Wall Marketing Ideas reached The Boston Globe’s Bestseller List immediately upon its release in January, 2000. In his foreword, Tom Stemberg, CEO of billion-dollar Staples Office Superstore, hailed it as “A book that brims with opportunities fulfilled. For small business entrepreneurs, Off-The-Wall Marketing Ideas is a treasure-trove of ideas and practical strategies that educate, motivate and inspire.”

Readers across the country have applauded Off-The-Wall Marketing Ideas:

  • “This book is a keeper for business persons and anyone in general”
  • “Sparks more ideas than you can handle”
  • “Right on the mark”
  • “A jewel”
  • “The marketing book that pays for itself”

The book was profiled in hundreds of media: from Investor’s Business Daily to National Public Radio to CNN and Continental’s in-flight magazine.

Off-The-Wall Marketing Ideas: Jumpstart Your Sales Without Busting Your Budget

The Globetrotter's Get-Gorgeous Guide