A "Meshuganah Marketing" Success Story

I co-authored the bestselling book OFF THE WALL MARKETING IDEAS, so that makes me an expert on Marketing and Public Relations. I’m also a plastic surgery marketing consultant and publicist, and a cosmetic dentistry marketing consultant and publicist, although you name it, I can usually market it. I love wacky, crazy, offbeat, off the wall marketing techniques, which I call “Meshuganah Marketing,” based on the Yiddish word for “crazy.” July is National Ice Cream Month, and it reminds me of a successful marketing promotion that a friend of mine used years ago. He was seeking an interview at a major company, but one that was going through a hostile takeover, and the events made headlines every day in the newspapers. My friend needed a way to attract attention to himself by this business. So he went to the supermarket and bought a half-gallon of Rocky Road Ice Cream. He send it to the corporation, with a big note attached that read: “I know you’re on a rocky road in your business. But I can help you with all that.” My friend got a phone call the day after the package was received. Why don’t you find a fantastic flavor, send it to a company, and tell them that you’re anything but plain vanilla? Then get ready for the phone to ring. For more fabulous marketing and PR tips like this, check out my blog at Maxima Marketing.

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