Bastille Day? Use it to market your hair salon.

As a marketing expert who specializes in working with hair salons, I have a crackerjack hair salon marketing idea for you. One of the best marketing tips I can offer you, is to celebrate untraditional holidays to make your business memorable. One of my favorite untraditional holidays to celebrate is Bastille Day, July 14, which is a national holiday in France. My favorite salon on Boston’s Newbury Street, Salon acote,, does exactly this, because the owners of the salon are French. Owner Alex Safar celebrates every Bastille Day with special promotions to attract new and current clients. This year, on July 14, he is offering 25% off all products, and is giving away complimentary gift certificates to all women, for FREE blowouts of their hair worth $35. The salon, on Bastille Day, will also feature complimentary French croissants, wine and cappuccino. Salon Acote celebrates Bastille Day this way every year. It’s a great — and classy — low-cost marketing idea that sets the salon apart and it’s always been a huge success. Ooo la la! While you’re there, ask Alex about his incredible Keratin hair-straightening treatments. Ever since I first had my hair Keratined at Salon acote, it has changed my life. (I used to say that I didn’t just blow dry my hair — I beat it into submission.) Now, thanks to Keratin, I have pin-straight hair that requires little maintenance, and is curl- and frizz-free. And I’m not alone — everyone I know, who has had a Keratin treatment, also swears by it! If Salon Acote, or the folks at Keratin, need a testimonial — I’m your gal. For more marketing tips, check out my blog at Maxima Marketing.

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